Why Fresh Pastries and Breads Matter

Many people consider the pleasant smell of freshly baked bread and pastries to be one of the most delightful aromas. Fresh pastries and bread offer numerous nutrients. Freshly baked bread has fewer additives and a better taste than the majority of commercially produced bread available in the market. Fresh pastries and bread are free from chemicals and preservatives found in mass-produced pastries. They are free from artificial ingredients including fructose corn syrup and dextrose because these are unhealthy. 

Many people can agree that there is a big difference between buying packaged bread from the grocery store and buying fresh bread from a cafe. Cafes and bakeries, which bake everyday use healthier ingredients to bake. For instance, at Amandine Patisserie Café, we use the best eggs, high-quality dairy products, and flour to ensure we make the best bread and pastries. We avoid artificial ingredients, preservatives, and stabilizers and use healthy components. Fresh bread and pastries are heart-healthy and less fattening. 

To help extend shelf life, commercially produced bread often contains saturated fats and preservatives. French bread and pastries do not have these components and are more healthy for the human body. At Amandine Patisserie Café, we do not require to preserve our pastries and bread. We bake daily and our clients are always waiting to consume. Therefore, we do not preserve pastries and bread for use the following day. 

Fresh pastries and bread are less likely to produce allergic reactions. Many cafes are always willing to listen and customers can communicate their needs. No matter your motivation for taking fresh bread and pastries, one thing is clear, fresh bread and pastries offer a superior experience than preserved bread. 

Fresh-baked pastries and bread are lower in sodium compared to the commercially produced and preserved ones. Reliable bakers use flour from whole grains, which is far more nutritious than bleached flour. Whole grains flour has more fiber than refined flour and this makes it healthy for the digestive tract. 

Fresh pastries and bread provide healthier breakfast options. You can always visit your favorite cafe and enjoy our freshly baked meals. You do not have to feel the guilt that comes with consuming unhealthy pastries and bread full of preservatives; go for the gluten-free options. 

You do not have to restrict yourself to preserved bread yet you can enjoy fresh bread and pastries. You will not just enjoy eating a fresh product but also experience a better taste.

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