A Day in the Life of Baker

Whenever we go to a bakery or a café, we enjoy the irresistible aroma of freshly baked pastries. Most of us do not pause to reflect on how bakers work to ensure that we have the best fresh pastries whenever we need them. In the wee hours of the morning when most of us are asleep, bakers are usually awake. The situation is the same at Amandine Patisserie Café. We go out of our way to ensure that you get fresh well-prepared pastries at any time you need them.  

Bakers provide us a wide range of savory treats that we love indulging in. Whether it is the sweet-smelling freshly baked bread or the sumptuous pastries, bakers put in a lot of work and commitment in their profession. You can never understand the vast preparation and tasks that they do behind closed doors.

Upon reporting for duty in the early morning, the first task entails sanitizing the kitchen to ensure that it is safe to prepare meals therein. The baker also has to clean the baking bins and note the items needed to bake. They then start making the dough they will use to bake the pastries. By daylight, all the ingredients required for different baked items are often ready. Baking only starts when all the ingredients are ready.  

A baker does not stay in a warm baking environment all the time. He/she may have to make some trips to the freezer to fetch some ingredients and to store others. While this may be ideal and refreshing during summer, it may not be pleasant during winter. Baking is a passion. While baking may look like an involving task, the bakers rarely notice because they bake from their hearts. They derive satisfaction from the pleasant smiles on the customers’ faces as they devour the freshly baked goods. 

When preparing larger treats like buns and bread, a baker requires special bins. He/she may use trays to bake smaller items like cookies and muffins. Bakers use a special oven to prepare pastries separately. By the time, a café opens and you pop-in for breakfast, a baker has been awake for several hours already. In the food industry, hygiene is particularly important. A baker always ensures that their kitchen is extremely clean at all times and may need to clean it several times.  

At Amandine Patisserie Café, we have been putting smiles on our customers’ faces since 2002. We combine the finest baking traditions from France and Japan. We offer our customers unforgettable gourmet experiences.

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